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It’s Time to Lead and Work Differently.

But to do something differently, you have to first think differently about your challenges and your approach to them.

You need a mindset makeover.

​It is a challenge to lead ...
51% of workers are looking for a new job 
47% organizations find engaging their employees their biggest challenge
70% of the workforce are not reaching their full potential

~ According to Gallup

How do you lead a workforce that has checked out? 

Stunning numbers. How do you lead in a workplace that is spinning. 

Let's talk about this big, fat elephant in the room. Elephants are issues that get bigger and heavier the longer they are ignored. These elephants – the ones you face at work - are costing you time, money, and future potential! And sometimes, you don’t even realize they are there. This includes the status quo, groupthink, self-doubt, conflict, overload to name a few. 

The Resilient Leader Mindset Makeover
can help. 

This program will take you beyond “leadership clichés” to the root of effective leadership. (Hint: it is all about you and keeping your battery charged.) Join us and learn how to:

  • Power up your everyday, sometimes faulty thinking.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence for stronger interactions which helps you build trust with your team.
  • Manage your energy and avoid the negative consequences of the stress reaction.

You will learn three mindset shifts opening you up to a bolder and more powerful way to show up.

Here’s what’s included in the
Resilient Leader Mindset Makeover Package

Book. Card Deck. Online Program.

This specially designed trio will help you strengthen your emotional agility:

  • Resilient Leader Mindset Makeover book, 224 pages of detailed strategies and chapter by chapter study guide.
  • Card deck, 30 cards, 3 categories - FEEL, THINK, DO, with instructions. This will help you develop emotional agility. 
  • Online video program. 12 modules (easy to consume). Dr. Cynthia Howard talks about the tools and how to use them.
  • BONUS: 100 Day roadmap. Get more done. Habit Tracker. Power up your habits. 

($147 Value)

Sample Cards:

$147  $49

Meet Your Coach

Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD

Executive Coach | Performance Expert |

Improving Performance and Well-Being

Dr. Cynthia Howard helps leaders, professionals and organizations get more done by doing less. She confronts the tough issues using proven tools to transform workplace chaos and complexity into progress and consistent results.

Green Belt Lean Sigma, CSM, Certified Scrum Master, Fellow in AIS, Licensed Trainer Heartmath, NSA member, Forbes Expert Council